Tatiana García-Muse in Cell Reports VIII Spanish Worm Meeting will be in Logroño We just enjoyed a great Spanish Worm meeting ! Esther Dalfó paper in PNAS Cabello lab article in Plos Genetics

Tatiana García-Muse in Cell Reports

A Meiotic Checkpoint Alters Repair Partner Bias to Permit Inter-sister Repair of Persistent DSBs

We just enjoyed a great Spanish Worm meeting !

70 gusaneros from 15 different nationalities

Esther Dalfó paper in PNAS

Small molecule inhibits α-synuclein aggregation

Cabello lab article in Plos Genetics

Disruption of the Caenorhabditis elegans Integrator complex triggers a non-conventional transcriptional mechanism beyond snRNA genes

Laboratories in Spain

Peter Askjaer, CABD, Sevilla   Marta Artal-Sanz, CABD/UPO, Sevilla   Juan Cabello, CIBIR, Logroño   Ana Cañuelo, Universidad de Jaén   Julián Cerón, IDIBELL, Barcelona  (alternative site)   Esther Dalfó, UAB, Barcelona   Nuria Flames, IBV/CSIC, Valencia   Tatiana García-Muse, CABIMER, Sevilla   Michael Krieg, ICFO, Castelldefels, Barcelona (alternative site)   Anna Laromaine, UAB, Barcelona […]

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Laboratories in Latin America & Portugal

Andrea Calixto, Valparaiso, Chile   Inés Carrera, Montevideo   Celina Galles, Rosario, Argentina   Diego Golombek, Quilmes, Buenos Aires, Argentina   Marcelo Mori, Campinas, Brasil   Eliana Munarriz, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina   Rosa Navarro, México DF   Diego Rayes, Buenos Aires, Argentina   Gustavo Salinas, Montevideo, Uruguay   Daiana Silva Avila, Universidade Federal do […]

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Postdocs and Predocs abroad

POSTDOCS David Aristizabal-Corrales, NYU, USA Fernando Calahorro, University of Southampton, UK Eric Cornes, Pasteur Institute, Paris, France África Couto, University of Nottingham, England Anna Corrionero, MIT, USA Georgina Gomez, University of Fribourg, Switzerland Marina Martínez-García, Harvard Medical School, Boston Jaime Osuna, IGBMC, Strasbourg, France Karinna Rubio, IBPS, Paris, France Alejandro Vazquez, UMASS, Worcester, USA     […]

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Other gusaneros around the world

Arantza Barrios, UCL, London, UK Alejandro Burga, Vienna, Austria Olivia Casanueva, Cambridge, UK Luisa Cochella, Vienna, Austria Alicia Melendez, Queens College, NY, USA Federico Pelish, Dundee, UK

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People working with C. elegans in Spain meet every two years since 2007. Our meetings take two days, are in English, and are open to everyone.


Our community has distinct research interests but we all are passionate about our little buddy C. elegans.


Welcome to www.gusaneros.com!. Bienvenido!